Our Vision

To be the top preferred brand to innovate, transform and strategize brand experience which excites.

Our Story

We innovate and drive productivity in progressive business.

Dreams to Reality (D2R) is a management consulting company. We specialize in organizational development, brand development, strategy and customer experience enhancement. Our solutions include training, consulting, process transformation, innovation, research and trade services.

Quality of workforce, labour shortages and sales generation are 3 of the most commonly faced challenges in the service industries and D2R believes that brand and strategy innovation and productivity is the key to overcoming these challenges. Through instilling unconventional ideas into services, offerings and business processes, D2R aims to boost bottom line of businesses, uplift Singapore and Asia Pacific’s brand value and bring customer experiences to newer heights.

Our Mission

Provide innovative, strategic and productive solutions to the Singapore and Asia Pacific’s aspiring businesses and boost brand experience, market penetration and profit margins.

(D) from Dreams represents the ideas in everyone’s mind.
Dreams to Reality aims to help SMEs turn dreams into reality, an
inverted ‘D’ which is a continuous linked structure to (R). The whole
icon forms Dreams to Reality.

We aims to encourage businesses to think out of the norms and see things differently and creatively to create their unique competitive advantage.