About D2R

About Us

Dreams to Reality (D2R) is a management consulting company. We specialize in organizational development, brand development, and service improvement which includes brand and customer experience enhancement. Our solutions include training, consulting, process transformation and innovation and research.

Quality of workforce, labour shortages and sales generation are 3 of the most commonly faced challenges in the service industries and D2R believes that brand and service innovation and productivity is the key to overcoming these challenges. Without compromising service and customer experience quality of the existing service workforce and through instilling unconventional ideas into service and business processes, D2R aims to boost bottom line of businesses, uplift Singapore and Asia Pacific’s service standards and bring customer experiences to newer heights.

Internationalization Alliance Networks

Singapore – Indonesia


With increasing demand for internationalisation (overseas expansion) for local businesses coupled with the need to provide innovative solutions to deploy brand and business strategies for smarter market outreach, Dreams to Reality (D2R) and PT. Latiih Konsulting Global (Latiih) formed an alliance between Singapore and Indonesia to provide services to companies in 3 key areas:

1. Internationalisation Strategies Research, Crafting and Deployment

2. Branding Strategies and Deployment (including utilizing innovative digital media, big data and AI & Machine Learning technologies)

3. Business Networking and Matching Services

Our business office in Indonesia resides at:
Office 8, 32nd Floor
Jl. Senopati No. 113,
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 

About D2R


To be the top preferred brand to transform and create customer experience which excites.


Our Mission

Provide innovative and productive solutions to Singapore and Asia Pacific’s aspiring and
progressive businesses while maintaining service quality of the workforce.